Sound Space Downtown

Workspace. Installation. Archive.

Studio 174
Kingston, Jamaica, 2015

Research Desk in the Studio 174 (Kingston, Jamaica). Sound Space Downtown is an open audio and sound archive. It is work in progress and a space of listening, which is open for contributions and collaboration. It derives from the methodologies of Artistic Research as Pedagogy and collective findings by the Residents of Downtown Kingston and Students of Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (University of the West Indies) during the Radio Sonar residency / summer school in the Summer 2014.

The form of the workspace table is based on the map of Kingston, which was at the core of diverse sound walks and sound investigations. Spanned between the sealing and the floor the workspace merges with the building and extends into the streets where the site specific research takes place. The workspace contains a sound archive, sound alphabet, audio and sound walks, methods, manuals and the publication which have emerged during the facilitation of the summer school and drive ongoing work.