take over

Take Over / Exhibition / Public Program

The Showroom Gallery, London 2016

Between 2013 and 2016 I have been collaborating with the Showroom Gallery and Fourth Feathers Community Centre in Westminster London.

Three years of work gradually materialised in the initiation of a neighbourhood-based TV station, Fourth Feathers TV (F.F.T.V) Artistically investigating the relationship between the rapid redevelopment process in Westminster, the project culminated in a staged Take Over of the Showroom Gallery. Exploring coordinates of an open, collaborative and site specific exhibition, Take Over has invited members and visitors of the community centre to investigate the space of the gallery as an interactive model, practically addressing current questions of local access and housing in Westminster.

Asking how the potential of a locally run TV station can be considered as a collective methodology for direct action, Take Over has developed a suggestion for an artistic and informal learning platform. Inviting others to take part in a series of workshops, developing presentations and local TV shows, Take Over orchestrated a space exploring methods of co-research, artistic investigation and art practice in it’s frameworks of access and infrastructure.

Enormous gratitude for the emergence and the manifestation of the project: Louise Shelley, Andrew Mederick, Emily Petchik, The Showroom Gallery, Fourth Feathers Youth and Community Centre

Poster Design: Sophie Demay
Photo Retouching and Colour Correction: Igor Kritskiy 

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