the shipyard take over

take over / exhibition / public program

The Alternativa 2016: Damage and Los.
Gdansk, Poland

The Shipyard Take Over is initiated by Anton Kats and developed in collaboration with Aneta Szylak, Malgorzata Misha Szura Piwnik, Natalia Wisniewska, Robert Sek and community groups in the course of the exhibition.

During Alternativa, June 24th – September 15th 2016, Take Over hosted a series of meetings, workshops and performances, transforming the space into a dynamic and playful model of the Shipyard and simultaneously a study platform. Shipyard Take Over proposed an interactive, analogue map, to practically address current questions of damage and loss experienced as a result of privatisation and unclear redevelopment plans of the Shipyard premise. The work is designed to provide a collaborative learning platform at the Alternativa exhibition and conceived as an open invitation to join forces during the privatisation process.

The modalities of interaction were developed with intention to reinforce self-organisation processes and collective planning at the location. Offering space to explore methods of collaborative research and artistic investigation, Take Over is an open-ended trajectory questioning how art practice can bridge everyday questions of access and infrastructure with these of knowledge and cultural production?

Curated by Aneta Szylak. Commissioned for Alternativa 2016.

Malgorzata Misha Szura Piwnik