west street narrowcast

Radio Narrowcast

Studio 174
Kingston, Jamaica, 2015

Between 2014 and 2016 I was invited  to become an artist in residence at Studio 174, a grassroots organisation and art and education space in downtown Kingston, Jamaica. The methodologies of my residency were elaborated with the residents and artists in the neighbourhood as well as with the journalism students of the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication, and became a starting point for the facilitation of open summer programs that were causing and welcoming unexpected artistic outcomes in the downtown area of Kingston. 

In 2015 the second phase of the project was developed during three-month stay in Kingston. Throughout this time I have developed a series of radio narrowcasts conducted in Downtown. These eventually merged into an exhibition and the launch of an open workspace and sound archive at Studio 174, Sound Space Downtown. Providing access to equipment and working infrastructure for local residents, the workspace was complemented by the launch of a methodology book, Sound Space Downtown: a Workbook and User Manual, stemming from the work developed and accomplished during the first residency. 

West Street is located in the Downtown Neighbourhood of Kingston. Over the period of two month the students of the Studio 174 and the residents of the Downtown Neighbourhood were working together in exploring a diversity of site-specific processes, states and transitions such as violence, pollution, poverty and colonisation. In the series of radio shows and performances diverse practitioners were presenting work in progress and opening it up for discussion and collaboration useful in the everyday.

Comissioned by Oenvizor.