sonic sculpture / performance

Flaneur Festival
House of the World’s Cultures, Berlin

AND is an interactive sonic sculpture and a music performance by ILYICH, a space traveler of an ambiguous origin.

The work invokes an atmosphere of a night club and wonders how electronic music can transport complex and dynamic content that can be easily accessed and shared with others? The neon sign refers to the letter “I/I” ([EE]) in the sign language of the Cyrillic alphabet. “I/I” is a literal saw-tooth waveform diagram in the subtractive synthesis and translates as “and” into English.

Prioritising “and” over “but” this gesture is a silent reminder of the human body as a primary synesthetic vehicle and the main form of communication synthesising fundamental frequencies of light and sound. Prioritising synthesis as a liminal, telo-attentive practice, the sculpture is constructed to sonically respond to the gradually unfolding changes in light and motion, and can be simultaneously activated by the visitors.

Oscillating between recognisable electronic music and abstract sonic improvisation ILYICH’s performance amplified the space intertwining complex narratives of migration and listening with thought-free presence and dancing.

Enormous gratitude for the emergence and the manifestation of the project: Flaneur Magazine, Musikfonds, Gregor Hotz, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Aiko Okamoto.

Photo credits: Daria Zorkina

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