listening space: tate britain

Seminar. Performance.

23rd October 2015

Tate Britain as a part of (re:)Thinking the Street
Studio 174, Openvizor
Urban Encounters Conference

The method of listening proposed here for organisation of space derives in part from the Radio Sonar project. Invited to contribute to the Urban Encounters Conference listening space introduces a core element of the Radio Sonar Narrowcasts, off-site radio shows and performances developing reflective attentiveness in which one is ready to receive and reflect on the momentary environment before judgement.

Exploring spatial interdependence between audience and broadcaster listening space introduces an operational mode in terms of receptivity to changing conditions and hence responsiveness and responsibility towards as-yet unknown and unforeseen possibilities deriving from acting together.

Interchanging roles between listeners and producers this contention constructs space as network of transmissions and receptions as an expanded notion of radio as a social construction of power.

The seminar derived from the proposition that any given activity of the everyday can become a useful method from which to learn how to work and live together. Invited to become part of a live radio show the seminar was chaired by Paul Halliday with the participation of Rosemarie Chung.

The Clore Auditorium was transformed into an open Radio Studio in order to collaboratively introduce and develop diverse methodologies of art practice, research and pedagogy. The seminar opened up to questions around form and content driven by the motivation to be practically useful to the practitioners involved in it at a given place and time.

Images: David Dawson