methods of the momentary

Performance. Live Radio Play.
Instityte Sztuki Wyspa, Gdansk, Poland
Alternativa 2015

Methods of the Momentary is a performance and a radio play, which introduces two methods of the everyday and explores their potential to carry out political processes. Deriving from two practice based research projects it proposes two methods at the core to outline the filed Artistic Research as Pedagogy and questions its methodology in relation to the everyday living and working together.

While the word political might appear vague, it is addressed through several site-specific examples in the context of redevelopment and decision taking processes in the neighbourhoods of London, UK and Kingston, Jamaica, politics of care work and grassroots organising in context of poverty.

In particular the radio play derives from the exploration of walking and listening as a not exceptional activity in respect to the momentary experiences of social interaction with each other and departs from both methods to outline a form of pedagogy informed and driven by the art and research practices.

Concerned with walking and listening it speculates, that significant and wide reaching political events and decisions are contained and merely resonate and echo momentary interactions, which constitute methods of arrival within the spaces of learning in the everyday.