Sound Space Downtown

Publication / Workbook

Studio 174
Kingston, Jamaica / London, UK 2015

Sound Space Downtown is a collaborative publication deriving from the artist residency at the Studio 174, in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica.

At the core of the project is the exploration of Listening as a methodology of conceiving and co-organising Sound Spaces in contexts of multilayered localities and frameworks. The publication invites to consider Sound and Listening as legitimate sites of learning from which artistic practice and research emerge. The book is organised geographically and prioritises non-linear navigation of space and practice.

Sound Space Downtown: Workbook and User Manual manoeuvres alongside of three particular locations in the neighbourhood of Downtown Kingston: Fleet Street, Tower Street and Coronation Market. One can open the book from any side, at any of these places, from any direction, and settle down wherever one likes for as long as one finds necessary. Each of these places co-exists simultaneously and contains a mixture of conversations, processes and outcomes, maps, protocols, practices and theories, memories, reflections, current states and fluid moments, working proposals, methods and manuals.

While each of the sites remains very particular, the book invites the reader to learn from Downtown Kingston, considering useful modes of engagement and learning, necessary in finding out how to organise Sound Spaces in the specificity of diverse planetary contexts and localities?

Design: Sophie Demay and Anton Kats.
Photos of the publication: Sophie Demay