Grounded Outer Space People – Sound System

Sound System / Mobile Theatre / Library

G.O.S.P. Sound System – Module I – Bass. Module One is developed in the framework of the nomadic music ensemble/artist residency Grounded Outer Space People. The Subwoofer is a sonic vehicle, practically responding to the tonal, spatial and performative needs of nomadic music and sound practice.

Aesthetically synthesising the functionality of a sound system with the pragmatics of a migratory amphitheatre, a sound sculpture and a nomadic library, Module One can be operated, driven and seated on by the audience and the artists.

Through evershifting times, the interactive sound system project is motivated by invoking a decentralised performative practice, instigating site-specific interventions, inquiry-based learning and collective experiences of sound and music.

The project was first presented at the Galerie Wedding, Berlin, during the performative exhibition Grounded Outer Space People, a nomadic music ensemble/artist residency tracing the relationship between transmigration and music.

Translation, 3D visualization and construction plan: Byron Kalomamas
Carpenter Workshop Jörg Fischer
Exhibition Curator Solvej Helweg Ovesen