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Campus Rütli / Pädagogische Werkstatt / Transformation VIII
Curated by Silvia Ploner 

The eighth TRANSFORMATION was a collaboration by Anton Kats and Soran Ahmed with Abdulbaghi, Adelisa, Ahmad E.-N., Ahmed Z., Alpay, Awreen, Bissan, Ebru, Esra, Fouad, Ibrahim Can, Imad, Klaudiusz, Malek, Melda , Mikail, Najma, Nedzmije, Omar, Samira, Sofia, Süheda, Umer, Uemit and Zeinab from the community school on the Rütli campus.

This project, which lasted several months, was based on the idea of a score for a grassroots democratic school design, developed using methods of artistic research and art education. The aim was to create a flexible coordinate system that, together with the students, creates a space in which different perspectives on school can be developed, critically reflected and tried out in a participatory manner. The starting point and common thread were the long-term transformation process of the Rütli high school into a community school on the Rütli campus. Methodically, Kats and Ahmed worked with theatrical and musical improvisation approaches, field research and psychogeography, as well as the practice of self-organization using the media of radio, film, photography and sound. In the course of the workshop, various methods were tried out together, modified according to the situation and adapted again and again. In this way, the students were able to experience and help develop aspects of participation and artistic quality.
In the end, parts of the jointly developed coordinate system were accessible to the public in the Temporary Gallery.

A radio station was installed, through which the young people had broadcast conversations in the immediate vicinity during the workshop, together with a video compilation of these conversations. Various floor plans of the school were hung on one wall, filled with activities that the students wanted in the school. Both installations were accompanied by old school chairs symbolically mounted upside down under the ceiling. These traces of the joint search for methods for creating spaces of possibility within the school system are collected under the title “Fundamental Plan”.

Photo: Jens Ziehe
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