Radio Delo

2011 Photography/ 2012 Video, 13 min

Radio Delo is one of my last conversations with my grandparents in Kherson, Ukraine. My grandfather Prokofii shares why he avoids speaking about the Second World War. My grandmother Maria speaks about the relationship between the latest presidential election in Ukraine and Russian Orthodox eparchia in South Ukraine.

Primarily focusing on my grandfather Prokofii, „Radio Delo“ shares a glimpse of the everyday life of a 83-year-old Ukrainian man, who as a minor lied about his age to be able to go to war against Germany as a wireless radio operator. 66 years pasted since then and he is still very bound to the radio. The stories told about his life during war and afterwards mingle with the absurd and incredible news that are heard from the radio playing during very specific historical moment of Post-Soviet Ukraine.


„It is very reasonable to us that only extensive, private investments can solve the strategic tasks of modernization of our country. Naturally no national policy measures, no national budgetary resources and administrative decisions can replace the hard work of private enterprises. Precisely their doings change the character of our economy step by step and formulate its innovative look.“ Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.