radio sonar. king solomon academy.

Anton Kats with King Solomon Academy and The Centre for Possible Studies, – Serpentine Gallery.

Radio Sonar is an artistic and pedagogical platform and an on-going project open for collaborative research. In awareness of Sound, Navigation and Ranging the project understands Radio not as a genre, but as a particular way of questioning and relating to coded fluxes in which money, images and products are exchanged.

During the residency between 2012 and 2013 Radio Sonar evoked at the King Solomon Academy in Westminster, London. As an outcome of encounters and artistic investigation process with the students of the academy Radio Sonar was addressing sounds of the area intertwined with own visions of time and space we are dwelling in. Moving through local contexts of participants the research group has mapped audible routes and created instructions unfolding coordinates in relation to own meanings, histories, geographies, ideas, statements and visions of potential change. The practice of the group was complemented by audio maps, sound archive, video installations, publication, jargon dictionary and through interventions and music performances in local space and during the communal events inside and outside of the academy.

Making own voice and sound heard and visible Radio Sonar constitutes a practical tool revealing interdependence of the sound in our daily approach to the process of circulation. Examining possibilities to take possession of itself as something other, than an object of circulation it addresses learning as a method and space of interruption, in which critical and practical knowledge is generated.
??Radio Sonar at the King Solomon Academy: Fahad / Ahmed / Maksat / Zino / Sofi / Manal / Hicham / Ibrahim / Fouzar / Mohamed / Yama / Tim / Anton. Currently Radio Sonar research is continuing at the Westminster Academy.