transmigration library

nomadic library

Galerie Wedding 2022

Transmigration Library is a proposal for a nomadic and interactive library installed in public transport vehicles. Opening doors to the first iteration of the Transmigration Library in the Galerie Wedding, the audience is invited to engage with an ever-changing collection of books mapping multilayered registers of migration through the practices of sound, music, heart, and politically engaged art. Playfully embracing the notion of reincarnation, taking one lifetime at a time, the project points towards the very concrete dimensions of a body, family, country, planet, and history and the necessity to fully engage in practice now, from this vantage point.

Considering complex migratory experiences both metaphorically and literally through the domains of culture, politics, ecology, spirituality, biology, philosophy and physics, the Transmigration Library proposes an expanded understanding of migration as a practice reflected in the selection of literature and the form of the nomadic and interactive project.

Curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen in the framework of the Grounded Outer Space People at the Galerie Wedding.

Credits Galerie Wedding:
Gallery Management: Dr. Ute Müller-Tischler 
Curatorial Assistance program coordination: Malte Pieper, Kathrin Pohlmann
Curatorial Assistance press and communication: Maya Smoszna
Internship: Manuel Bendig 
Set Up Support: Igor Ivanishyn

Credits Video Work I: Aiko Okamoto – My Neighbourhood
Credits Video Work II: Hani Mojtahedi – Hijrok
Credits Tape Recorder: Khaled Kurbeh
Photography: Juan Saez

With the kind support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Exhibition Remuneration Fund and Exhibition Fund for Municipal Galleries