radio sound system / installation / sonic sculpture / performance


Contribution to the (Ver-)Mittlungs Programme of 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, 2018

Mittlungsradio is an artistic and collaborative project initiated by artist Anton Kats. The project invites residents of a senior citizen’s residential care home in Berlin Mitte to join forces in the open radio studios, workshops and participatory live performances, in order to explore and respond to the processes of art and knowledge production at the core of the Biennale programme.

Developing and using a minituarised, mobile radio sound system provoked a series of reflections addressing such themes as visibility, transgenerational knowledge transfer and the resurgence of the far right politics in Germany.

Spontaneously rendering the spaces of Berlin Biennale into ambiguous and performative sites of transmission has invited the visitors and passers by to meet in the framework of the project and to reflect on the collective and individual intentions and sustainability of a the momentary practices at stake.

The residues of the collective work manifest an online radio archive comprised of narratives, miniature radio plays and field recordings.

Enormous gratitude for allowing this project to unfold smoothly and joyfully goes to the (Ver-)Mittlungsteam of the 10th Berlin Biennale and to Mona Marijke Jas specifically.

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Technical support:
Alexander Skorobogatov
Anna Maria Hall

Images: Victoria Tomaschko, Anton Kats
Image postproduction: Victoria Tomaschko, Igor Kritskiy 

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